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Life-changing smiles with Dr. Mark Hamanishi

Holistic oral health improvement through patient education, informed orthodontics, and general dentistry are all under one roof. The Lower Mainland is Choosing The Aligner Guy!


Clear Aligners and Professional Orthodontic Services.

You deserve safe, convenient and enjoyable care. That’s what you’ll get from Dr. Hamanishi, a top 1% Diamond + Invisalign Provider.

Why The Aligner Guy?

Dr. Mark Hamanishi, a top 1% provider, and team have decades of experience and training. If you’re interested in getting great orthodontic treatment at affordable treatment plans, The Aligner Guy is your all in one solution. 

Why Invisalign?

Experience the convenience and effectiveness of our orthodontic treatments, using modern clear aligner solutions like Invisalign. Start your journey to a confident smile today!

Why at a General Dental Clinic?

We believe in holistic oral health improvement through providing a comprehensive range of dental services, and we aim to help our patients identify areas of need to achieve excellent overall oral health.

Single Dental Implant

Choose The Aligner Guy

At our clinic, we create a customized Invisalign plan that specifically addresses your individual dental and bite issues. These personalized plans aim to reduce the number of in-office visits required, all while ensuring you achieve a fantastic smile at the end of your treatment. Moreover, we offer flexible scheduling with convenient hours to accommodate your busy lifestyle. You have the option to attend progress visits in person or take advantage of our virtual monitoring system

Invisalign Made Simple

“Invisalign® represents a collection of clear, personalized plastic aligners, which are intended to gradually and pleasantly reposition your teeth. Utilizing the patented SmartTrack® material, these aligners can effectively shift teeth without relying on traditional metal braces. This versatile treatment is suitable for people of all ages and can address a wide range of bite issues. With over 10 million patients having undergone this treatment globally, Invisalign® stands as the forefront leader in clear aligner therapy

Multiple Dental Implant
Single Dental Implant

Is a Dental Clinic Right for Me?

Other Invisalign programs may lack .section-03 personalized attention and comprehensive care that dental clinics can offer. Dental clinics provide personalized treatment plans tailored to your specific dental needs and bite problems. This individualized approach ensures that your orthodontic treatment is optimized for the best possible results. Our Clinic is staffed with experienced and qualified dentists and orthodontists who have extensive knowledge in orthodontic treatment and address any issues that may arise during your Invisalign journey.

Benefits of Choosing The Aligner Guy

At the Aligner Guy we offer clear Aligners Orthodontic services that will have you smiling and saving all the way to a new you!

Orthodontics at your General Dentist

We believe in holistic oral health improvement through patient education, informed orthodontics, and general dentistry all under one roof. Our clinic provides a comprehensive range of dental services, including cleanings, fillings, whitening, crowns, bridges, and more. 

Patient Financing

We understand that dental expenses can be significant. That’s why we’re proud to offer  Patient Financing, so that you can get the orthodontic treatment you need, without financial constraints holding you back.

Virtual Consultation

We proudly offer the option of virtual consultation to help you learn more about the treatment options that are tailored to your needs anywhere and at any time at your convenience. Our experienced dentists will assess your unique dental needs and discuss treatment options with you virtually through a convenient video meeting.

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